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Producing Design

Visual Identity
My role: Art Director, Designer

Producing Design is a company within the field of textile production. The company, which is based in Spain, wants to connect small brands, large companies and e-commerce retailers with their sourcing and production. Today they handle everything from clothes to paper products.

The concept for the identity is based on a graphical element used for creating the textile design, which is the blueprint. The straight and dotted lines, gridded papers and the color palette of these old-style blueprints is used as a red thread throughout the design, from how I designed the logo, to the mockup for the UX and UI. 

I was inspired by the big fashion houses when designing the logo. When talking to Ida, we realized that we needed to attract her current customers which is the influencer market. But still, we wanted to elevate some parts of her brand. The strategy was to keep the old target audience, but at the same time create for a new one. Therefore the identity needed a new logo to elevate Producing Designs values of Quality and Cooperation. The logo reflects this by its solid, square shape and classic font. By keeping it black and white also creates a timeless feeling.

Since I have been working within the field of photography, I also wanted to give Producing Design some art direction for how to create their content for their website and social media platforms. I felt that it was important to balance the graphical elements, which could by itself feel cold and serious, with the warmth in the photography. These should hold a genuine and documentary style, portraying the community and behind the scenes of the productions.

The team has succeeded very well in understanding my company and the vision for the future. I immediately felt that I could trust the team with my project.

The work was beyond what we expected!

Ida Acha - CEO 


Visual Identity
My role: Creative Director, Designer

NOJIG is a Swedish startup focusing on our relationship to privacy. NOJIG was inspired by the vision of making it easy to take control of your privacy and reducing everyday paranoia. By developing new fashionable, easy to use products that make everyday life easier and more private.

I wanted to separate NOJIG from its competitors by creating a fun and quirky identity. The logo takes inspiration from its name which means "paranoid" in Swedish. Therefore I wanted the identity to elevate the Scandinavian part of the brand, making it feel young and approachable.  


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