Producing Design - Elevating the values of a textile production company 

Visual Identity
My role: Brand Strategy, Designer, Art Director

Producing design is a company based in Spain, focusing on textile production for smaller to medium size designers. They came to me and my team with the wish to grow their business and find new revenue streams. At the time, their customer base was mostly from the influencer segment, or small business owners. Today Producing Design manufacture a wide set of products, from fashion design to paper and leather accessories. 

We saw that the business idea was solid, but the brand identity needed to reflect a more mature company, so that it would attract bigger clients. Though workshops with the founder of Producing Design, Ida Acha, we quickly understood that the company needed a new identity; matching the competence and quality they hold within the textile industry. 

The core concept for the identity was created around the values of quality, cooperation and youthful. We wanted to keep Producing Designs current customers, with the influencer marketing as a base, but at the same time attract larger companies.

The logo would represent the quality and genuine values. Building a square together with the line and the dotted line I wanted to give a sense of stability and quality. I also chose a san serif typeface, that still held associations with the big fashion houses such as Burberry or

Marc Jacobs. 

In the color scheme I saw that the primary colors where reflecting more elegance and seriousness. By adding one accent color, the blue, we still gave the brand a younger and more edgy feel. This color where to be used in details, such as illustrated in the mockup of the webpage- in buttons or lineworks.

The dotted line and grid where also core assets of the identity. I used the classic blueprint as

a concept for this and use these throughout the brand, from the grid on the web page to elements used in the logo. 

It was also important to create trust with new customers, since the textile factories was based in China, which clients of Producing Design where hesitant to work with. Therefore we saw that it was important to be transparent in PDs communication. Since I’ve been working as a photographer, I put together guidelines for what they should think about in regards to their social media channels. It felt important to show the consumer the whole production process, from design to factory- to delivered garment. 

I felt that it was important to balance the graphical elements, which could by itself feel cold and serious, with the warmth in the photography. These should hold a genuine and documentary style, portraying the community and behind the scenes of the productions.

"The team has succeeded very well in understanding my company and the vision for the future. I immediately felt that I could trust the team with my project.

The work was beyond what we expected!"

Ida Acha - CEO 

NOJIG - Taking the seriousness out of privacy

Visual Identity
My role: Brand strategy, Creative Director, Designer

NOJIG is a Swedish startup focusing on our relationship to privacy. The company was inspired by the idea of making it easy to take control of your privacy and reducing everyday paranoia by developing new fashionable, easy to use products that make everyday life easier. Their first product is a webcam cover. I created their brand identity, as well as the design for the logo and packaging.

I wanted to separate NOJIG from its competitors by creating a fun and quirky identity. The logo takes inspiration from its name which means "paranoid" in Swedish. Therefore I wanted the identity to elevate the Scandinavian part of the brand, making it feel young and approachable.  

I’m available for collaborations as well as freelance work, and always looking to work with passionate people!

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